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"My Day In The Sun"

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Everyone wants their day in the sun and I want 'My Day In The Sun' too. Please enjoy a Free download of my favorite songs from my album Cowboy's Daughter


Hi everyone,


I hope that your summer is going great! I am starting to record my new CD, Barbed Wire! I am really excited about these songs! They have each been a long time coming and I think that you will feel that when you hear them. Mike, Carl, Merel, and Doug are playing amazingly as always.


Also, we have some dear friends joining us. Cody Braun will play fiddle and mandolin. And, on this CD, Willy Braun and I will sing a duet that we wrote together. I am honored that Dave Pearlman - world class steel guitar player, and John McEuen - founding member of the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - will be joining us as well. The official release date is August 25th. We are starting release parties the beginning of August, see below.


Something that is different about Barbed Wire is that FOR THE FIRST TIME YOU CAN BE PART OF THE RECORDING! This is so cool! I have joined with PLEDGE MUSIC, to fund this CD. What is great is that you can pre-order Barbed Wire on CD. This will include an ‘Access Pass.’ Or, you can purchase the access pass separately. With the access pass, you will receive a digital download of Barbed Wire. As well, by doing this, you get a code that allows access to my Pledge Music site where you’ll find exclusive photos, videos and other cool surprises. I hope that you will join us!


Our first Release party is at The Bugle Boy in La Grange. This is a wonderful listening room. The show will be video taped and we will have “give aways” on the break. The next Newsletter will have more details and in the meantime for those of you in central Texas, put this one in the book!


Thank you all for being part of the adventure over the past years. I think that Barbed Wire is going to take us on a great ride and I am so happy that you are with me.


See you out there,






"Over the last couple of years, Austin's Sarah Pierce turned her sixth and seventh studio releases loose on the world. Individually, they are disparate and at times mesmerizing in tremendously unique fashion. Taken together, as with the repeated listens which led to this review, Cowboy's Daughter and Bring It On paint a picture of an artist possessed of a breadth of talent which bears watching and is more than worth your hard-earned dollars' listen." Click to read the entire review.

-- Dave Pilot, Outlaw Magazine, November, 2011